Personal Training Reviews

Gary has terrible taste in football teams. He has an unjustifiably one sided view of Alex Ferguson. He thinks more about his FIFA Ultimate Team than is healthy for any person over the age of 12. He occasionally sports terrifying facial hair.

But despite these character failings, Gary is a fantastic personal trainer. Full of knowledge without being full of BS, always ready with advice without being preachy. He encourages you to smash your fitness goals whilst fully appreciating the necessity of the occasional Nando's.

Gary makes me laugh whilst making me lift seriously unfunny amounts of weight. He makes me lift heavier, push harder and do things I would never dream of doing on my own.

Gary has given me the confidence to push through my mental barriers and set goals that would never have seemed achievable before. I highly recommend him.



Solid man. Cool and patient approach, an absolute minefield of knowledge.



If you aren't afraid of hard work, then this is your man. I trained with Gary on both a 1-1 and group basis and it's safe to say I never got bored, and I definitely got results. Gary's can-do attitude means that the word can't is just not allowed! And his creative training methods mean you could be doing sprints one minute and playing tug of war the next! A good guy and a great trainer.



Had the privilege of a 1 on 1 session with gary today. Thoroughly brilliant!!! He takes note of what you want to work on and creates a plan and challenges for you to achive your goals.

I was pushed and was taught how to use new equipment. An amazing personal trainer that I'd recommend to absolutely everyone! (Even if his stand up could use a little work!) 



I am one of those people who can't push themselves on their own in the gym . Working with Gary has made all the difference. He is professional, innovative, friendly and pushes me just enough. What more could you want? For the first time in my life, I look forward to my workout! Thank u Gary.



Started PT with Gary last week - felt bit nervous as I also joined a new gym and not really been in a gym for the last four months properly. Gary is awesome and so easy to get on with - Loves a bit of banter ( cool ) he also put my mind at ease and I had a awesome workout last week with him and real proud of myself as I lifted 20kilos! I am already back on track and feeling awesome Feeling the benefits already!! but as they say if it doesn't hurt you havn't worked!! BOOM Looking forward to the next one! Thankyou Gary you Rock!!



The first time I was introduced to Gary and see him training with some fighters i trained with at the time, i thought to myself Wow!! ... When it comes to fight preperation from padwork, strength and conditioning or just even cardiovascular exercises the man knows his stuff.... Would highly recommend anybody too train with Gary.. Thats means from begginers looking to get in shape .. right up to athletes ... GaryPett is a great Coach.. Dont miss out!!!



Gary is a superb coach! 

As a fighter I needed to be pushed relentlessly.

Weight loss, explosiveness, endurance, Gary helped me achieve all of these things through training with him. Every session was different, and exciting! Thanks to Gary I was the fittest, and strongest I've ever been in my life. Within a few weeks I was the fittest, and strongest fighter at my gym. A man that knows what he is doing.



I have trained with Satan I mean Gary at a few spots now from MMA to just Cardio, Circuit training and now Weights theres two things you know with Gary you will be pushed and you will be sore the next couple of days, not only when you are training with him or he is teaching you if he is walking about he will always give you tips tell you to do more or add more weight. 

Very helpfull and a nice fella would recommend for anyone to train with Satan sorry I mean Gary



I have been training with Gary for a year and a half. I really look forward to our sessions. From NMA style kick boxing to TRX to weights - every session is different, challenging and fun. I have achieved goals I never thought possible. I am fitter, stronger than ever before - and friends have noticed. Gary is great fun to train with - I never realise until the next day how hard I have worked. Thank u Gary!! I rate Gary so highly I have recommended him to my patients - I think that speaks volumes!



Gary is, hands down, THE best personal trainer around. He encourages, inspires and will help you smash your goals and then some, all with a dash of humour along the way. 

He is dedicated to his clients and will always endeavour to get the best out of every session! You will be sore but it will be totally worth it.



Weather it's 6am on a Heath or during a major national weightlifting championship, Gary has always been my go-to-guy to make sure every % of potential is achieved. Great, genuine and very knowledgable. 

There should be 6 stars for people like this champ!!



garys experience really shines through, huge amount of knowledge in that funny looking head, and he knows how to put it across in a way that is relevant and useful. gets results garunteed. and his hugs are second to none



I've known and trained with Gary for many years. He's a top trainer, he knows pretty much everything in the business. And he's a TRX suspension trainer expert. Highly recommended



Great trainer, enthusiastic, talkative. Knows his stuff.



Whilst living in the South I trained with Gary for a number of years. He helped me get trim for my wedding and I felt wonderful! When that didn't work out and I separated, he helped me train and complete a half marathon. He has always varied my training and whilst working with Gary I reached a level of fitness and flexibility I didn't realize I could achieve whilst having so much fun! He is a great person and will never let you down. If you have the dedication to your goal, Gary will match, if not exceed your personal dedication to your target! If he is too hard on you and you get fed up, just remind him that you have a sense of smell and he doesn't. It gives you a break for 3 minutes while he cries. Now all I need is a Manchester based Gary!!!!!!!!!



Amazing guy not only do you get a trainer who knows what he is doing but a man who knows how to get you through the pain barrier and push harder when all you want is to stop and give up! Had amazing results and know that he will get me to the finish line.



Gary or "SIr" as he is reffered to by many, is an extremely knowledgable, encouraging, polite and appoachable man. Unlike most PTs he doesn't SHOUT!! but mereley usses his years of skills and peronal attributes to focus on your goal and ensures tha you reach it. Last year I embarked on a ten week of Saturdays only regieme with Gary in order to get me ready for the biggest two runs of my life - being an Ultra marathon of 35 miles and then 29 days later 45 miles. Having only ever run a 4hrs 07 London marthon on costume i thought that this next venture was ner impossible,, but as the man says its 90% in your head and 50% in the body ( he never was god at maths)...I owe Gary a great deal and he has inspired me to go on and do much much more. I run a small friends only charity circuit session these days on MOnday eveninigs and whilst I, NO PT!! i do teach and encourage with echos of Gary and for that my frneds and I are very welcome.
I would highly recommend Gary to anyone regardless of weight, size, experience, age, sex, goal ..
PS i WILL be back.. just not quite yet.



I have had the pleasure of knowing and training with Gary for almost 7 years now. His experience and training knowledge is vast and expert. His enthusiasm to get you into shape is contagious and I look forward to every session. He will help you set and achieve your fitness goals whatever they may be. Gary you are a legend mate. Long may the beastings continue!



Let me start by saying, I am sinfully lazy and have always hated exercise!! Enter Gary… he has somehow managed to make ‘training’ fun?! No mistake, he will push you to do your best, but he manages to do it without being a total ar*ehole. He has also somehow managed to make me realise that I have a responsibility to myself as well! Gary is an amazing trainer. He genuinely interested in your overall health, wellbeing, diet, and making you the best version of yourself that you could ever hope to be, but he clearly puts so much thought and effort into the training programmes he has puts together for me (although he makes it look effortless!) Every session I have had with Gary has been different (so I have not had the chance to get bored!) He’s got me using all sorts of equipment and contraptions, but also takes advantage of the natural surroundings! Who knew a lamppost could be so useful for a workout?! By combining rounds of cardio, strength and resistance he helps to make sure that you don’t overwork yourself and that the body has time to ‘recover’ between exercises. Seriously – I can’t endorse ‘nice guy’ Gary enough. If you are thinking about getting fitter and healthier - Gary is the perfect investment!



Started at the beginning of this year and though I know I have a long way to go am really beginning to notice the difference. Might feel like I'm dying at times but I'm still alive and still loving it! Gratitude and respect Gary Pettengell 



I am on my second wave of training with Gary. He listens to my objectives and sets challenging but achievable goals. He is motivational, inspirational and has the patience of a Saint! Gary is committed to making training accessible and providing the necessary knowledge and understanding to continue progressing both with him and beyond. Somehow he seems to know how hard to push me without sending me over the edge. Gary will not let you train lazy!






This course has been superb. I don't want to underplay the effort that's gone into it - both physically but also the early mornings! However, quite quickly I've found the early mornings have become easier to the point where I'm actually eager to leave the house every morning. 

Doing intensive exercise everyday has really accelerated my fitness levels and I'm losing weight and inches off my waist. I've never been fitter than this in my life and that's entirely down to Gary's encouragement and good session planning. 

The variety of work each morning (with legs, upper body, core work and HIIT sessions) has really had an impact. Despite training with Gary for nearly two years the last few weeks have seen the biggest acceleration in my fitness and abilities. 

Gary isn't "in your face" at all but his support and use of exercise together with careful consideration of diet has changed the way I approach each day. I am convinced I will carry all of this on past the end of Transform28. Although I will continue training regularly I can already foresee that I will miss the classes and intense burn I feel at the end of each one. 

I have trained with many good PTs over the years (and a few bad ones!) and I've also done a number of intensive programmes. This course is not only the best but Gary has also helped me make more progress than any PT in the past. He has done this at the same time as making sure that my past injuries are not aggravated. 

Transform28 does what it says on the tin. It's been transformational



Attended the course with Gary and saw great results, getting me in shape for my wedding! Really great team spirit encouraged and Gary has a great combination of being friendly, but equally pushing you hard physically. Focus is on core strength and HIIT training with your own body weight, which is great for being able to do the exercises when the course isn't on without any expensive equipment needed. Get along for a session, the only thing you have to lose is inches!



i will definitely recommend Transform28. Embarked on my Transform28 journey a year ago - my first session was an eye opener fantastic group of people with a very personable fitness trainer - what did I expect? definitely not what it was - fun session for all fitness levels imagine that I came from thinking that a plank was a long , thin, flat piece of timbe (and it definitely is) to actually doing a 1 minute 10 seconds plank. That's how far I have come.



I was rather apprehensive before embarking on my T28 experience and wasn't sure what to expect. However, even before I'd stepped into my first session, Gary had already embraced me into the team and engaged me with the others in the group. I immediately began to thoroughly enjoy the sessions despite the very early wake up call! Gary has a great style of training where he manages to push you in an encouraging way, without being patronising, as I've often found with previous trainers. The best thing about T28 is the team themselves and the morale that is built up within it. Thanks Gary for a great experience. Bring on T28 2016!!



Transform 28 is a very good,fun and effective fitness and nutrition course I took part I 2 parts and had great results from it The master himself (GARY) is really good at arranging the daily programmes to get the results, he's 

Hard working,very tough and won't let you slack which makes you have the drive not too 

If You got the time, and you got the drive then 

TRANSFORM 28 is for you 




Completely changed the way I think about working out and how to maximise my time in the gym. Achieved some incredible results so far and look forward to even more and the new healthy yet achievable lifestyle he's helped me create. Thanks Gary!!



"T28 has been amazing so far and I'm only half way through. Gary is a fantastic trainer he knows when to push you and can tell when you're struggling and doesn't hesitate to jump in and continue the last few reps with you. In just two weeks I have recorded a huge difference in myself, not just on the scales but in my fitness. I've gone from dropping 3 times in the 45 second rounds during the dreaded v-sit to being able to hold the full time. With an 8 pound loss recorded so far I'm really proud of myself and it's all thanks to the fantastic tutoring from Gary.

The personalised nutritional programme is great, with Gary monitoring my daily plan it adds that accountability that I miss when I'm the only one looking at it meaning I really am sticking to the calorie count with no cheating. 

It's not easy but nothing that's worth it ever is, it is fun though. I've met some fantastic people and their drive and determination has helped me to push myself to limits I didn't know I had.

I can't thank Gary enough for the changes he has produced in me and I don't want the 28 days to end. I'm so glad that Gary is planning to start another T28 this summer and won't hesitate to put my name down.



"Halfway through and I am totally enjoying the T28 programme, at the beginning I found it a bit of a shock to be training at 6am but as the days went by it got easier and easier to get up, get out and workout. The sessions are great, comprising of circuits and exercises which work on all area's of the body. It's very hard but it's great fun and after finishing each session I feel a great sense of achievement and invigorated for the rest of the day.

As well as completing the sessions, having a personal daily calorie target and a tool to record my intake in a quick and easy way really helps me to stay in control, and knowing that the PT can see all of it helps too. With encouragement and support all the way, I am really glad I signed up for this programme, already I can see the impact it's having on my shape, can't wait to see the end result. "



"I joined this course a little worried and scared as I was recovering from ongoing back problems and felt really unfit and from the word go, Gary assured me that I was in good hands and I can honestly say he wasn’t lying! I started after being laid up and completely inactive for well over a month and I wanted something to kick start my healthier lifestyle in preparation for the summer and hopefully pulling out the dreaded bikinis! Two weeks in and so far I am absolutely loving it! I am not a morning person at all but this has completely opened my eyes to the benefits of working out in the morning and I intend to continue to stick this morning routine as much as possible. Obviously the people make it something to look forward to, I’ve met a great bunch of people that I really enjoy spending each morning with, Gary is the perfect mixture of being a great laugh and the serious task master that you need to spur you on and keep you focused. It is not a walk in the park by any stretch of the imagination but after two weeks I already feel like my fitness levels are vastly improved and my dedication to sticking to the nutritional advice has meant me cutting out 2 of my favourite things in life, bread and beer, because I feel inspired and really want to see those results! 

I would highly recommend this course to anybody that is looking for inspiration and a way forward to a healthier, fitter lifestyle, I feel this course will have a long lasting effect on my confidence to work out, make better nutritional choices and lead an all round healthier lifestyle, with hopefully some visible results to show off too! I am also well pleased to hear that the course will be run again this year, I literally do not want this one to end so I will definitely be doing it again!


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I decided to give t28 a go but could make the 6am start so decided to do the online version. Week by week gary gave me a different workout programme pushing the levels higher each week i was definately stuck in a rut but gary made me look at my workout schedule totally differently after the four weeks i have decreased my waistline and increased my fitness! Would definately do this again and would recommend it to anyone who needs steering in the right direction



Always a great class with Gary he works you hard but is still fun! And I've never had the same class always good to do different things!



Gary encourages, measures and pushes you to do your best, every session, the whole time. He believes in what he does and is passionate. It's always a love/hate relationship with him because he pushes you harder then you think you can go or wanted to go that day.



Been doing Sunday circuit with Gary few a couple of months now and I always walk away knowing I've had the best workouts ever and he makes it fun so I never dread getting up to come to the gym on a Sunday 



I've been attending Gary's classes for a while now & he is a fantastic trainer, he fully motivates me to push myself further week after week, thank you Gary!



I woke up at 1:32am following a day which included Garys core class and my torso was on fire! I always feel energetic and motivated after working with Gary and love the burn! Not only that but I am able to use the techniques I learn from working with him in the gym on the days that he doesn't work I'm very picky when it comes to gyms and personal trainers but I think I've found a new home away from home and would recommend Gary to anyone!